Space Sectors: 2813
Wealth and Resources: 39
Progress Level: 8
Gravitational Effects:
Millennia ago, the denizens of the planet Maltus divided themselves between genders, each one abandoning their home world and settling on a new planet where they could evolve in accord to their respective paradigms. While the male Maltusians chose to embrace logic and immigrate to Oa, the females held fast to their passion and developed into a race of warrior women called the Zamarons. They colonized a planet for themselves, which they dubbed Zamaron.

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Zamarons have advanced technology including its own defenses and fleet:
System Wide Alien Planetary Defense Array
Alien Battleship
Equipped with Starship Equipment:
Advanced Sensors [Body: 12, Ultra Vision: (same APs as Radio Communication), Radar Sense: (same APs as Radio Communication), Telescopic Vision: (same APs as Radio Communication), R#:2]
Energy Reserve [Body: 12, Power Reserve: 10] Bonuses & Limitations: Can only be used to increase up to three systems chosen at the moment of installing the equipment.
Jump Engine [Body: 12, Warp: (equal to Flight + 10), R#:2]
Teleporter [Body: 10, Teleportation: (same APs as Radio Communication), R#:2]
Tractor Beam [Body: 15, Telekinesis: (equal to Ship’s Str + 6), R#:2]


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