Wealth and Resources: 8 14 13
After the destruction of Intergang and other crime groups by Batman and his team in 1996, the crime syndicates reorganized in a new underground crime organization that deal in the new kind of crimes and what is left of the old ones. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and furs are some of the new contraband items that the gang deals in. (Anything that is bad for health o endangers a species is highly regulated now.) The organization has been reorganizing themselves as a low level criminal organization more interested in selling those goods that are now prohibited than doing big game crimes. This is a new scope of work for the Undergang. Of all the organizations Undergang is the least dangerous.

The location of the main Undergang Hideout is unknown. See here for the stats of a Typical Henchman of this organization.

1996: The leader of Intergang was Black Mask and was killed by Nightwing when Batman‘s team disable the organization.
2006: A new Black Mask II has claimed the place and created a new organization called Undergang. His real identity is unknown as does his relation to the original gang boss and his organization.
2009: January – For all purpouses Undergang is cataloged a low power criminal organization with Wealth and Resources: 8. It has an unknown leader ( Black Mask II ) but a descentrilized structure. It was profiting from an underground black market of restricted items.
2010: January – After the Apokolips Invasion the remains of the invading forces Apokolips’ technology is seized and moved on a very fast and organized underground organization with enough resources to be a danger to Earth-50 and growing. Now is stimated at Wealth and Resources: 14 and growing.
2010: January – The events of The Tracking of 100K and Two suitcases in Nigeria take place. Mercenaries and operatives of Undergang are capture.

Undergang Stats:
Location: Undergang Hideout (Unknown)
Area of Influence: All Continents
Leader: Black Mask II
Assassins: Typical Henchman

Undergang Branches and members Known:

Boss: Julianna Sazia (arrested)(assassinated)
Lieutenants: Carleton LeHah (arrested)
Others: Anastasia Piiunkina (arrested)

North America
Boss: Bruno Mannheim
Lieutenants: Guido Masseria

South America
Lieutenants: Ramon Bracuda (arrested)
Others: Bruno Caraballo

North Asia

South Asia
Lieutenants: Rajiv Nadu

Mercenaries hired by Undergang known:
Mindboogler (arrested)
Electrocutioner (arrested)
Reactron (arrested)
Slipknot (arrested)

Metahuman Treat Rating: D3 Belle Reve Penitentiary, D3 to D4 (High Ranking Members)


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