Space Sectors: 2682
Wealth and Resources: 37
Progress Level: 6
Gravitational Effects: + 0 / + 0
Thanagar is the homeworld of the hawk-like Thanagarians and known for its mineral deposit of Nth Metal. Although the planet is predominately inhabited by the Thanagarians, it is also home to several other indigenous races, such as the Lizarkons.

Thanagar evolved into a greatly divided society. The slave class (most aliens, some Thanagarians) were cast down to the lower ghettos referred to as Downside, while the Thanagarians lived in High Towers above where poverty, crime, and suffering were virtually unheard of. Several thousand Downsiders die of starvation or the diseases that plagued the lower levels. It is estimated that about three billion offworlders live in Downside and one thousand offworlders are brought in everyday.

There was a long war between planet Rann and planet Thanagar known as the Rann-Thanagar War.

Thanagarians also tried to invade the Earth-50 in 2004 an event known as the Thanagarian Invasion.

Planet Military is composed of:
Typical Thanagarian Soldier
Alien Space Carrier
Alien Battleship
Alien Transport
Thanagarian Patrol Ship
Starship Equipment: Energy Reserve, Escape Pods, and Grapplers.
Thanagarian Technology

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