Space Sectors: 2828
Wealth and Resources: 37
Progress Level: 6
Gravitational Effects: + 1 / + 0
The planet Tamaran lies approximately 26 light-years from Earth in the star-system Vega. It is the eighth planet in the Vegan system. The current leader is Queen Blackfire. Starfire was a princess on planet Tamaran.

The people of Tamaran are a proud warrior race whose power is driven from the release of emotion. Joy unlocks flight, fury of starbolts, and confidence of strength. It said an infant Tamaranian learns flight first. Tamaranians politics are similar to Earth’s early city-states and they are led by a Grand Ruler. Grand Rulers can be either male or female and is accompanied by the title of Emperor or Empress. Religion is centered around the worship of a goddess named X’Hal.

Planet Military is composed of:
Typical Tamaran Warrior
Alien Battleship
Alien Transport
Alien Fighter
Starship Equipment: Grapplers, and Escape Pods.

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