Space Sectors: 2261
Wealth and Resources: *
Progress Level: 0
Gravitational Effects: + 0 / + 0
Mogo is a sentient or “living” planet. When it was desired, its affiliation with Green Lantern Corps was marked by its foliage that was arranged into a green band circling the body with the standard Corps lantern symbol. Mogo is also responsible for guiding the Green Lantern rings to new sentient beings after their hosts die.

*Mogo is a sentient planet and his resources and wealth are not account for. It will be like letting others use parts of himself.

DC Wikia Entry

GM Note: Mogo should have his own entry on the Character’s Tab but he is to big to visit other planets, his gravitational pull will have an effect so devastating that it will be a disaster in itself. For the same reason stats have not been designed for Mogo, yet. :)

The Origin of Mogo


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