Martian Bio Ship

Martian Bio-Ship
Bio-Ships are spaceships of the Martians.

Bio-ships are a techno-organic construct that can be used for transportation over long distances. It shares her ability to morph its shape and at rest, it resembles a giant egg.
The ship is normally controlled via telepathic commands. Both its interior and exterior can to accommodate any situation; from providing extra seats for passengers to growing manual controls that would allow a human to pilot it. By altering the colour and temperature of the ships outer layer, the ship can also activate a camouflage mode and effectively become invisible. It has at least three types of modes: Resting, Active, and Camouflage. It is highly reactive to her mental commands.

Bio Ship [BODY 12, Flight: 12, Full Vision: 12, Invisibility: 10, Radar Sense: 13, Radio Communications: 12, Sealed Systems: 18, Self Manipulation: 10, R#:01. Bonuses & Limitations: Hardened Defenses, while normally configured to be piloted telepathically Self Manipulation can be used to grow controls with which a human can fly the ship ( + 1)

On planet Earth-50, Miss Martian of the Justice Reserve has one. It is currently housed in the hangar of Justice Watchtower. 

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Martian Bio Ship

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