Light and Mirrors

Light and Mirrors
Wealth and Resources: 8
A criminal pair compose of villains Doctor Light and Mirror Master who has became a dangerous team.

With the combination of both villains gadget they are able to modify their effects in the following ways (all combinations have to be done :

Mirror Master gadgets increased to:

  • His gadget’s effects have his Power Loss limitation reduced due to the Flash Power of Doctor Light that powers them.
  • Animate Object: 20 + 8 AP’s of Doctor Light’s Force Manipulation = 28
  • Illusion: 15 + 9 AP’s of Doctor Light’s Flash = 24

Doctor Light gadgets increased to:

  • Force Manipulation: 8 + 20 AP’s of Mirror Master’s Animate Object = 28
  • Flash: 9 + 15 AP’s of Mirror Master’s Illusion = 24

Limitation: All four combinations have to be used apart. So if Mirror Master is using his enhanced Animate Object, Doctor Light can’t use his enhanced Force Manipulation and vice-versa.

Also the combined Wealth of the pair has increased due to the robberies they have accomplish.

Metahuman Treat Rating: See individual descriptions.

2001: Mirror Master and Doctor Light become allies and a powerful villain team Lights & Mirrors.

2009: The events in Eight Hours of Chaos take place during a blackout of the Brother Satellite Grid. The Kobra Cult, the Brotherhood of Evil and the Light and Mirrors are involved.

Light and Mirrors

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