Kobra Cult Ocean Base

Kobra Cult Ocean Base
The huge facility stores military vehicles acquired from unknown sources at least 1000 Kobra Cultist Soldier. The base is under the bottom of the Indian Sea under a rock with Body: 16.

Facility Stats [BODY: 15, Sealed Systems: 15, Security Systems: 11, R#: 2] Note: The Facility has 12 APs width by 5 APs of height and has a series of big rooms and serpentine corridors connecting different chambers.
Drawbacks: The facility has no main entries and depends solely on the power of the villain Warp to enter and exit the base.

Energy Generator [Force Field: 10, Sealed Systems: 15, Energy Reserve: 20] Bonuses: The Force Field also shields the generator heat signature from the use of Thermal Vision.

Torpedo [Dex: 13, Body:10 AV: 8, EV: 14, Fligth:12, Radar Sense:20]

Computer [Int: 4, Will: 4, Mind: 4, Body: 4, Recall: 10, Detective: 4, Gadgetry: 4, Medicine: 4 Military Science: 4, Scientist: 4, R#2]

Kobra Cult Ocean Base

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