Kobra Cult

Kobra Cult
Wealth and Resources: 20
Kobra Cult also known as the Followers of Kali-Yuga, Kobra Organization, the Kobras and the Cult of the Kobra God, originally a cult in an under-reported part of the world. Kobra Cult had a prophecy that one day someone would lead them to greatness: Kali Yuga . Finding this someone as one of a set of twins, they selected one at random and took him to be raised by them. This baby, named Jeffrey Burr by his parents, grew to be a formidable warrior and a criminal mastermind. As he took control of the organization, he was awarded the title “Naga Naga” or Kobra.

The location of two Kobra Cult Headquarters was discovered. The problem with the organization is growing in numbers with their superpowered clones. They are becoming an army. Kobra Cult is gaining a lot of media coverage because they are doing direct terrorists attacks and nor the Justice Police nor the Justice Lords have been able to find their hideout and stop them. The organization is getting their grip in a lot of resources and have taken a lot of care to keep their hideout Kobra Cult Headquarters in hiding. Check the Important Events to see all the events that the Kobra Cult has caused during the last years.

Currently the cult is disabled.

Kobra Cult
Location: Kobra Cult Headquarters (Unknown Location)
Leader: Kobra (BRBp.84) AKA Naga Naga
Commanders: Brotherhood of Evil
_Metahuman Treat Rating: D3, to D5 (depending on individual entry)
Snake Assassins: Typical Cultist has been upgraded to Kobra Cultist Soldier
_Estimated Number= 10,000 (neutralized = 6,000)
_Metahuman Treat Rating: D3
Special Forces: Kobra Reptile Soldiers
_Estimated Number= 100 (neutralized= 73)
_Metahuman Treat Rating: D5
Special Forces: Super Dragon Soldier
_Estimated Number= 70 (neutralized= 5)
_Metahuman Treat Rating: D5

DC Wikia entry

1996: During the events of 1996 when the Justice Lords tried to clean all Earth-50 of criminal organizations, Kobra Cult was badly damaged but the survived and they are now a dangerous organization thanks to the fact that they stole the embryo super clones from the Republic of China. See Super Dragon Soldier for the stats.

2001: Members of Kobra Cult hijacked four commercial airliners, intentionally crashing one of them into The World Trade Centers in New York City, and one into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The third was intended for the second tower of the Trade Center but was stopped by Captain Marvel and the fourth plane’s intended target was the White House, but passengers aboard the plane resisted the initiatives of the hijackers and crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania.

2004: Terrorists from Kobra Cult attacks several train stations on Spain’s capital Madrid, killing 191 people and injuring 1,247.

2005: London bombings made by suicide Kobra Cult terrorist affects the transport system killing 52 people and injuring 700. Other terrorists attack are made to various markets in New Delhi, killing 61 people and injuring 188 more, right before the start of the festival season in India.

2006: The Kobra Cult raises from the ashes with a deadly army of clones.

2009: The Kobra Cult attacks and steals a cargo of foodstuffs from India.
The events in Eight Hours of Chaos take place during a blackout of the Brother Satellite Grid. The Kobra Cult, the Brotherhood of Evil and the Light and Mirrors are involved.
The Justice Police fleet of Atlantis, composed of Atlantean Frigate and Typical Atlantean-Tritonian Soldier attacked the Kobra Cult Moon Base and discovered the second base Kobra Cult Ocean Base.

2009: During the events known as Kobra Kali Moon the Kobra Cult used a huge armament of nuclear warheads ( ICBM ), modified Combat Jets and Tanks to attack the 100 more populated cities of Earth-50 in their effort to start the “Kali Yuga” or “Age of the Demon”. The ”/wikis/justice-lords" class=“wiki-page-link”>Justice Lords stopped the terrorists and imprisoned those responsible. Kobra and the Brotherhood of Evil were processed. The Super Dragon Soldiers and the Kobra Reptile Soldiers were destroyed.

Kobra Cult

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