Justice Reserve

Justice Reserve
Every being with special abilities that could be used to fight crime will do so under the mantle of the Justice Lords and as part of the Justice Reserve organization. If they don’t want to use their powers to uphold the law, they must retire and are prohibited to use them.

All the non-core members of the Justice League, members of other teams (like the former Teen Titans) and any individual superhero are organized in a army like organization called the Justice Reserve. They are screened and licensed, cataloged and coordinated by the Justice Police and can be called at any time by them or the Justice Lords using the Justice League Signal Device.

The following equipment is assigned to each member of the Justice Reserve:

  • Security Level: Delta or Gamma
  • Justice League Comlink
  • Justice League Signal Device
  • Justice League ID Card
  • A Salary: + 4 APs Wealth. One can choose not to take this (Superman). Use AP addition to current Wealth. The Wealth could also be treated as a second wealth score. This means that because it is guaranteed to members it cannot be lost if bankruptcy occurs. This also means the hero cannot be audited by IRS. This means that the member can make a team attack with wealth on a given wealth check.

Justice Reserve doesn’t have the same privileges nor the amount of power that the Justice Lords have and they must follow a set of rules called the Justice Protocols. They do have a Justice League ID Card that give them some privileges and identified them as licencee superheroes but the card needs to be fully activated (or upgraded) by a Justice Lords member to have all the benefits.

If a member of the Justice Reserve needs transportation, this is coordinated by the Justice Police and depends on the situation, the place were and from the character needs to me moved and the urgency of the mission. The following resources are used:

  • Military and Commercial Transportation is reserved and deliver to the Justice Reserve member.
  • Special Vehicles like the ones located on the Justice Watchtower are made available and delivered if needed.
  • Using of the teleportation device on the Justice Watchtower is available but only in a point to point transport as the device needs a teleportation tube on both ends to work from Level L Teleportation Machinery Room.

They are listed under the Characters tab using the filter “Justice Reserve”.

Justice Reserve

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