Justice Lords

Justice Lords
After Superman killed President Lex Luthor, the Justice League changed their name to Justice Lords and reorganized itself into a planet-wide ruling body, quickly beginning a program of protecting humanity from itself. Free speech was all but dead, elections were chosen only when the Lords said so and the slightest disturbance of the peace which meant immediate arrest. Many of the rogues that the Lords had faced in the past were lobotomized to make them peaceful and harmless. The rogues were then placed in an updated and pleasant-looking Arkham Asylum run by The Joker, who had become harmless after undergoing the “treatment” himself. Also during this period, the costumes of the Justice Lords underwent extensive changes. Current members are: Aquaman, Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Hawkgirl, The Atom, Wonder Woman and Zatanna. All their names have the prefix “Lord” added.

On duty on the Justice Watchtower, at the command of all Watchmen, there is always one Justice Lords, the post is called Watchlord.


Non-core members are heroes licensed to help the world that are part of a Justice Reserve and can be called at any time by Justice Lords members. They are listed under the Characters using the filter " Justice Reserve " . Non superhero members of the organization are the Justice Police.

The Justice Lords have a standard set of Justice Protocols and follow the guidelines in A Better World.

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Justice Lords

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