Intergang (disabled)
Wealth and Resources: 17 (striped)
Intergang was a nationwide criminal organization that is headquartered in Metropolis. Throughout one incarnation to another, Intergang was run by various crime lords and is armed with Apokoliptian weaponry and technology supplied by the evil New Gods of Apokolips. Due to being based in Metropolis, Intergang clashed several times with the city’s super-hero, Superman.

In 1996 the leader of Intergang was Black Mask who was killed by the Nightwing when Batman’s team disable the organization. In 2006 a new Black Mask II has claimed the place and created a new organization called Undergang. His real identity is unknown as does his relation to the original gang boss and his organization.

Four years later in the year 2000, Undergang was formed with the members that were the remain of the original organization.

Location: Metropolis (hideout destroyed)
Area of Influence: North America and South America
Leader: Black Mask (deceased)
Mafia Soldier: Typical Henchman

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