Space Sectors: 2814
Wealth and Resources: *
Progress Level: 5+ (almost at PL6)
Gravitational Effects: + 0 / + 0
Several decades into the future relative to Earth-0, Earth 50 is home to the despotic Justice Lords, conquerors of their Earth after President Lex Luthor murdered the Flash, pushing this Superman over the edge into the role of tyrant after murdering Luthor in retaliation. The Earth’s heroes followed his lead, becoming self-interested fascist dictators curbing free speech, democracy and rebellion for the sake of “safety”. See more stats in the entry: About the Solar System.
Diameter: 22
Surface: 51
( + 7 CS to scan)
Surface Temp.: 0
Distance Sun: 37
Gravity: 0
Escape Velocity: 15

IMPORTANT NOTE: Earth-50 is not known as Earth-50 to the people who live in this parallel universe, as it happens to all the universes in the multiverse, each universe believes is the original one and the only one until the discover the existence of the other universes.

*see Current World Statistics and Current Watchment Assigments
Places of Interest on Earth-50
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Map of Earth-Moon Planetary System
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