Brotherhood of Evil

Brotherhood of Evil
The Brotherhood of Evil are an organization dedicated to conquering the world and destroying the Doom Patrol . They are lead by genius The Brain and his talking gorilla sidekick Monsieur Mallah.
The Brain – New Scientist and Inventor. With Kobra Cult resources he has been able to upgrade his comrades.
Monsieur Mallah – The Brain’s bodyguard is now better armed. (Armor and Weapons effects increase by +2Aps).
Houngan – Used by Kobra to attack specific enemies, now has a long range monitor to extend the range of his attacks by +10APS.
Phobia – Causes fear in the enemies and now can extend the effect to more range with a power extender by +10Aps.
Plasmus – Serves as muscle and saboteur. With a special serum, Plasmus can add the APs of the Body of his victims to his own mimicking the Growth power (up to twice his original attribute) for +10APs of time.
Warp – Moves troops and teams to and from targets. A special power supply can extend the range and capacity of Warp’s tunnels by +10APs.

Metahuman Treat Rating: See individual entries.

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2007: The members of the Brotherhood of Evil have joined the Kobra Cult and became the commanders of the armies of Kobra. They see this as a way of keep themselves protected but are starting to like the resources that Kobra Cult provides. They have even become full members and claim they venerate Kobra. All of this could be a ruse to use or steal resources but they have proved themselves enough to not been killed, but Kobra still doesn’t trust them all the way and keeps testing their loyalty all the time.

2009: The events in Eight Hours of Chaos take place during a blackout of the Brother Satellite Grid. The Kobra Cult, the Brotherhood of Evil and the Light and Mirrors are involved.

2009: During the events known as Kobra Kali Moon the Kobra Cult used a huge armament of nuclear warheads ( ICBM ), modified Combat Jets and Tanks to attack the 100 more populated cities of Earth-50 in their effort to start the “Kali Yuga”: or “Age of the Demon”. The Justice Lords stopped the terrorists and imprisoned those responsible. Kobra and the Brotherhood of Evil were processed. The Super Dragon Soldiers and the Kobra Reptile Soldiers were destroyed.

Current Status"
The BrainCadmus Project
Monsieur MallahGorilla City
Houngan – (deceased)
PhobiaArkham Asylum
PlasmusCadmus Project
Warp – Reformed.

2009: After the events of Kobra Underwater and Kobra Kali Moon, the different gadgets developed by The Brain were delivered to Cadmus Project and added to the Power Token Project.

Brotherhood of Evil

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