Bolovax Vik

Bolovax Vik
Space Sectors: 0674
Wealth and Resources: 28
Progress Level: 5
Gravitational Effects:
Bolovax Vik was a planet in Sector 674 and home to the Green Lantern Kilowog. It was once one of the most crowded planets in the universe, with over sixteen billion sentient lifeforms living there.

The Bolovaxians are able to bring their minds together in a communal effect. They used this effect along with their socialist-like form of government to choose a long succession of Green Lanterns from their own population. They are one of the most peaceful planets in the universe due to to comunual nature of the species they have never experienced war, crime or any other hardships; that is until they made contact with other alien races.

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Bolovax Vik was destroyed. The Green Lantern; Kilowog placed all sixteen billion life energies into his ring. By sheer force of his will they survived until Kilowog found a suitable planet to release his people.

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Bolovax Vik

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