Wealth and Resources

Wealth and Resources
Current World Statistics

Continent’s Wealth represents the total of the continents assets, influence and power. The total AP sum of all Nation’s wealth is the Planet Wealth.

Continent’s (Wealth) – Mayor Production
Africa (21) – Raw Materials
Asia (27) – Industry, Raw Materials, Foodstuffs
Atlantis (25) – Foodstuffs. Atlantis (267p.149) -Map: ATLASp.77
Australia (22) – Raw Materials, Foodstuffs
Europe (25) – Industry
Gorilla City (25) – Industry. Gorilla City (267p.151) -Map: ATLASp.95
North America (26) – Industry, Foodstuffs
South America (21) – Raw Materials
Themyscira (25) – Raw Materials. Themyscira (Paradise Island) (267p.154)

Total Earth-50 Wealth = 35

How to use and lose Resources:
When a natural disaster, war, or villain does a major attack does some damage to a continent or country the event will have a cost in lives, a cost in Wealth that represents the resources lost or needed to stop the event. The Strength represents the force of the event (what the JL needs to stop it). Use the Continent’s Wealth as an AV/EV against an OV/RV equal to the event’s Wealth. Hero Points cannot be used for this roll.
• Roll is fail – The Continent Wealth is reduced by 1 and the event does the damage.
• Roll is pass – The Continent Wealth is reduced by 1 and the event is under control with no additional negative effect.
• If the number of RAP’s is equal or greater than the event’s Wealth, then the nation or continent was able to cope with the expenses and repair the damage.

When a Continent’s Wealth is attacked or stolen, the checks are made against an OV/RV equals to the Continent’s Wealth AP’s. Any RAPs are reduced from the Continent’s Wealth. If the attack reduces the AP’s of Continent’s Wealth to 0 the wealth is completely destroyed or stolen. The Planet’s Wealth is then reduced by 1 AP.

Richest Peoples (Wealth):
(for comparison)
Ras Al Ghul (15)
Vandal Savage (16)
Bruce Wayne (20)
Kobra (20)
Lex Luthor (25)

Resources Weight in tons:
As a reference, if trying to move resources use this table as comparison. This have to be , physical resources, it doesn’t count when the resources are information, for example.
Tons (APs of Weight)
50,000 21
100,000 22
200,000 23
400,000 24
800,000 25

House Rule from the Master of the Game for Games & Ideas – 2015.11.26

Wealth and Resources

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