Wayne Enterprises

Wayne Enterprises
Gotham City
New Jersey
United States
North America

Wealth and Resources: 20
Wayne Enterprises was officially erected in the 19th century and thus is one of the oldest companies in the world. It is located on Gotham City It began as a dozen businesses started by Judge Solomon Wayne and his brother Joshua. With the money made, Judge Wayne essentially built Gotham City by hiring Cyrus Pinkney.

Physical Stats for the Facility
[Body: 10, Doors have Body of 13]

Security System
[Body:5, Security Systems: 10, Energy Blast (non lethal): 6, Radio Communication: 20, R#2] Limitations: The device’s Radio Communication Power represents the range of the signal to alert the Police.

[Int: 5, Will: 5, Mind: 5, Body: 5, Recall: 12, Gadgetry: 6, Military Science: 6, Scientist: 6, R#2]

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Wayne Enterprises

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