Watchmen Duties

Typical tasks performed by the Watchmen:
Justice Watchtower
Current Watchment Assigments

Other Watchmen personnel member of the Justice Police is located on the Justice Watchtower. These Watchtower Personnel helped the Justice League maintain the Watchtower. Among the extensive personel included:

  • Medics – responsible for the health, emergency services for both heroes and crew.
  • Mechanics – responsible for maintenance for the Watchtower’s extensive shuttle and vehicle fleet as well as the station mechanics itself.
  • Engineers – responsible for station maintenance (life support, power, communications)
  • Teleporter operators and many other highly talented individuals with various job positions.

Note: An additional Watchmen can help the check as a team attack ( – 1 OV). More satellites and Watchmen can be assigned to gain more column shifts but on doing so resources are taken from other areas.

Watchmen Duties

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