The Reach

The Reach
Space Sectors: ??
Wealth and Resources: 31
Progress Level: 6+
The Reach is a brutal race of cybernetic insectoid people that are an alien race of intergalactic conquerors. Their primary goal is taking over planets to enslave the natives and make an economic profit. They are responsible for the creation of the Earth-50 superhero Blue Beetle 3, who receives his powers from the Blue Beetle Scarab they designed. The “Scarabs” are built to create local heroes who can then be turned traitor and used as infiltrators.

Eventually, their conquest brought them into a protracted conflict with the Green Lantern Corps. The conflict came to an end in which the Guardians of the Universe made an accord with the Reach that prohibit the Reach from further planetary conquest. However, the Reach bypass this accord by resorting to deniable methods of conquest. By which the Reach created a series of biological weapons called Scarabs, which would be deployed to planets and using the data received to take them over. One of these Scarabs was sent to Earth in ancient Egypt, where it was eventually found by Daniel Garrett and passed on to Jaime Reyes, the current Blue Beetle of Earth.

It has been found that their advanced technology has its flaws as the scarabs of the victims can be overridden by the victims themselves.


The Reach have a vast military fleet but they know that they wouldn’t win against the Green Lantern Corps:
Alien Battleship
Alien Destroyer
Alien Fighter
Starship Equipment: Grapplers, Reinforced Hull, and Escape Pods.

Normal troops are: Typical Alien Soldier in Combat Armor.

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The Reach

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