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The Multiverse
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Earth-50 is not known as Earth-50 to the people who live in this parallel universe, as it happens to all the universes in the multiverse, each universe believes is the original one and the only one until the discover the existence of the other universes. Not all the universes or planes in this list have been discovered yet by the characters, nor is this a complete list of universes and planes.

Earth-0: aka New Earth aka The DC Universe: The Earth existing in the primary reality following the Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis events. Specifically referred to as Earth-0/Zero in Final Crisis #7.

Earth-2 : Formerly home to the Wonders of the World, including Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, who fell in battle saving their world from the forces of Apokolips. Now defended by the likes of Doctor Fate, the Flash and Green Lantern, as well as Huntress, the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Power Girl, the cousin and adopted daughter of Superman, and successors to Batman and Superman, among others. It is parallel to Earth 3 .

Earth 4 : Largely the same as Earth-4 of the 52 Multiverse and thematically inspired by Watchmen, this world is home to the Charlton characters such as Captain Atom, the Question, Blue Beetle, Nightshade and Peacemaker, with America having gone horribly wrong as a result of superheroes’ use as living weapons of the government. It is parallel to Earth 42. ( This link has an Obsidian Portal Page with stats for the Watchmen )

Earth 10 : On this Earth, the Axis Powers won World War II. This Earth’s Justice League reflect their Earth’s values, and as such are composed of Nazi counterparts. This Earth’s Superman, called Overman and resembling Earth-0’s Superman with a Nazified uniform, appears in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond. It is revealed in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond that English is a dead language on Earth-10. This Earth’s Justice League consists of Overman, Brunhilde (an alternate Valkyrie version of Wonder Woman), Leatherwing (an alternate version of Batman), Underwaterman (an alternate version of Aquaman), and others. This Earth’s version of Supergirl, called Overgirl, is a human girl who was injected with genetic material from Overman and gained his superpowers.

Earth-11 : The Amazons of Themyscira imposed their law on the whole world and changed it forever, with new technology and philosophies, inspiring generations of women to take the lead in creating the future.

Earth-12 : Essentially the same as the DCAU, home of a future defended by Bruce Wayne’s successor Terry McGinnis as the Batman, alongside an aged Superman and the rest of the Justice League Beyond. It is parallel to Earth 50.

Earth-14 A dark Earth once home to the Justice League of Assassins (Earth 14), a group of augmented soldiers led by the powerful Superman (Earth 14), until their slaughter and Superman’s kidnapping by Prophecy.

Earth-16 : A crimeless utopia where the children of the superheroes live as supercelebrities. In this universe, the Justice League long ago wiped out crime and evil, with Superman leaving behind an army of Superman Robots to protect the Earth. The modern super-heroes, children and successors of the originals, are treated (and treat themselves) as celebrities.

Earth-17 : Similar to Earth-17 of the 52 Multiverse, home to the Atomic Knights of Justice led by Captain Adam Strange on a post-apocalyptic Earth wrecked by nuclear war in 1963, including versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Green Arrow and the Challengers of the Unknown. It is parallel to Earth-15 .

Earth-19 : King George rules in the 21st century of Earth 19 as it begins to incorporate “electric technology” into the social landscape, and super-humans begin to emerge into this rapidly changing world.

Earth-20 : Earth 20, while in the ‘modern day’, has aesthetically and societally remained in the 20s (with hints of similar attitudes of the time, specifically regarding race, also persisting), having recently emerged from a deadly World War with Ibn Al Ghul, Herr Hex and the Desert Crescent. One of the key figures in the war, the magically adept adventurer ‘Doc’ Fate, assembled a Society of Super-Heroes in the wake of the conflict to defend their planet from future perils, emerging just in time to fight back against Earth 40 and its monstrous rulers in the Society of Super-Villains as the two worlds faced an incursion that brought them together, resulting in a brutal five-year war.

Earth-22 : After the retirement of Superman led to the mass surrender of the superheroic old guard, a new generation of superbeings ran amok until the destruction of Kansas forced Kal-El’s return. Eventually, after several failed attempts at containing the situation with his new Justice Society of America, nearly leading to a nuclear apocalypse, he and his allies pledged to work with humanity rather than above it to solve the problem.

Earth-23 On this Earth, Kalel of Krypton was raised Calvin Ellis, and upon adulthood became both Superman and, in his civilian identity, President of the United States. Most of the heroes of this world are African-American.


Earth-30 A world where Kal-L landed on Earth in a Russian collective farm. Growing to manhood, he would become the mighty Superman, and in time succeed Joseph Stalin as leader of the USSR, which quickly grew to encompass nearly the entire world. Alongside Wonder Woman, Superman fought both threats from without, such as scientist Lex Luthor’s creation Bizarro, and within, like the mysterious terrorist known only as the Batman, until now-President Luthor finally convinced Superman that his interventions were stifling humanity. After Superman seemingly perished on the edge of the universe saving humanity from Brainiac, Luthor and his descendants would guide humanity for millennia.

Earth-36 : Home to the superteam Justice 9, whose leader, Optiman, was slaughtered by the rampaging “Super-Doomsday” of Earth-45, before members Red Racer and Flashlight were brought to the House of Heroes to aid in the battle against the Gentry. The manipulations of The Gentry caused a zombified Optiman to appear and attack his teammates.

Earth-38 : Home to a Superman that debuted in 1938 and a Batman that first appeared in 1939. Unlike many of the worlds of the Multiverse, time passes on Earth 38 as it does on Earth Prime; its Worlds Finest team and other heroes aged over the course of passing decades, and eventually ceded their roles to their successors and children, beginning a heroic legacy that would continue well into the 30th century. Knight-Wing (grandson of both Superman and Batman), as well as potentially other heroes of this Earth.

Earth-40 : An abominable reality of monstrous cruelty where only savagery is rewarded. Earth 40 is ruled by the unstoppable and merciless Society of Super-Villains, a group of super-villains that raped and pillaged their planet without opposition until being caught in an incursion with Earth 20 and its Society of Super-Heroes, who they would engage in a brutal five-year war with.

Earth-41 On this dark Earth, the various nations of the world are largely isolationist, only coming together in times of desperation—as a result, this realities’ superpeople are similarly diverse in terms of appearance, philosophy and interests.

Earth-43 : A world of fear and darkness, where after becoming an even darker creature of the night in order to defeat Dracula, Batman succumbed to his curse and spread the vampire plague to the rest of Earths heroes, forming the Blood League. These unstoppable super-vampires have chased the quenching of their thi
rst across the universe, waging war against Rann and its defender Adam Strange. However, an attempted invasion attempt of Earth 13 resulted in their appetite for blood being redirected by the sorceress Annataz towards coffee.

Earth-50 : Home of the despotic Justice Lords led by Lord Superman after having murdered President Lex Luthor, corrupted versions of the heroes of Earth-12 that they are parallel to.

Windstorm Universe : Home of The Authority an authoritarian group of superheroes that have a ship that can be used to travel The Bleed.

Other Planes & Dimensions
The Afterworlds
Apokolips: Home of Darkseid
Astral Plane
Controllers Dimension
Demon Prison Dimension
Domain of the Lords of Chaos
Domain of the Lords of Order
The Dreaming: Shifting reality.
5th Dimension
The Green
The Gray
The Hidden City
House of Hades
Land of Faeire
Land of the Nightshades
Land of the Unliving
Limbo: One of the Afterworlds.
The Magic Lands
Mirror World
Mount Olympus: Home of the Greek Pantheon.
New Genesis
Phantom Zone: One of the Lands of Logic.
Realm of the Just Dead

The Bleed: Space between realities.
The Speed Force

The Multiverse

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