The Appellaxian Tribune

The Appellaxians are having a new political revolution and this one looks a little crazier than the ones that came before.

The Appellaxians are so evolved and have so many resources that the want to choose what to do with them. They have the following plan:

  • The Justice Lords of Earth-50 have defeated us, proving that having absolute power doesn’t mean having absolute power.
  • Becoming like the Guardians of the Universe or any look-alike good or bad entity like that is so “old Eon”.
  • Reverting to the Imperial ways… maybe or maybe not.
  • Give power to one of the fractions on the galaxy. Khundia, Kalanor, Tamaran, Thanagar…?
  • Should they release Infestation upon an unexpected planet, like Earth-50?
  • [GM IDEA: A would-be conqueror named Oran Dargg used Zeta-Beam technology to transport the planet Earth into Rann’s orbit. He threatened to collide the two worlds unless Rann declared him ruler of the planet. Adam Strange teamed up with Hawkman and Hawkwoman to stop Oran Dargg, and Sardath developed a Nega-Zeta-Beam to return Earth to its correct location.]

What to do? What to do?

A competition between representatives from different planets?

[GM Note: falta info]

The Appellaxian Tribune

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