Thanagarian Invasion

Thanagarian Invasion
The fascist police government of planet Thanagar tried to invade the Earth-50 in 2004 an event known as the Thanagarian Invasion. The Thanagarians first approached the Justice Lords with a propose for an alliance between both planets but it was rapidly found it was a ruse to move their fleet near Earth-50. General Corla Tavo was the leader of the Thanagarian invasion fleet at that moment.

Arrival of the Thanagarians on Planet Earth:

Thanagarians came to Earth posing as mankind’s only hope against the Gordanians from planet Karna who were on their way to Earth in order to enslave it under their rule. They helped built a device that was “design” to provide Earth with a planetary shield to protect from the Gordanian Fleet. Under this guise, the Thangarians planned to use a device that would both destroy the Earth and give the Thangarians access to the Gordanians homeworld, allowing them to once and for all destroy the Gordanians.

The hero known as Hawkman was the only one to oppose the Thanagarian Alliance because he was a former Thanagarian Hawkman police and knew they were bad news. At the last time, when the tide changed he was killed during the battle between the Justice Lords and the Thanagarian Soldiers. Other heroes were killed during this event including the members of Infinity, Inc.. and Animal Man.

At a last attempt to win the invasion, the armies of Thanagar hired the services of then galactic mercenary Mongul and his moon sized ship the Warworld. The Justice Lords gave the gigantic starship the same treatment as the Thanagarian Fleet and the Warworld had to flee with heavy damage. Lord Superman fought Mongul hand to hand until he cripped the villain.

During this event, Earth received help from a long time ally, planet Rann when Adam Strange and Rann Soldiers attacked the Thanagarians.

Despite her heroic involvement to halt the invasion, Lady Hawkwoman was still the subject of widespread criticism for her being a Thanagarian. Flash, meanwhile, was honored for his resistance and defense of the Earth, and made a full time member of the Justice Lords.


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Thanagarian Invasion

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