Superman speaks to the United Nations

Superman addresses the United Nations after Lex Luthor is killed:

“Good evening to all the members of the United Nations and the whole citizens of planet [[:earth-50 Earth]].

We, the members of the Justice League, can no longer watch with our arms crossed, can no longer wait without doing anything. We know that the world is plagued with wars, crime, famine, misery. We have a responsibility with humanity, one responsibility that is linked to the abilities that we have, supernatural or otherwise.

At this moment we will declare a real war not only on crime, but on evil in all its forms. Our forces combined will be placed in the service of Justice and we will move forward with humanity to change the world to A Better World. We are ready and eager to do whatever is necessary to make this a world with peace and security.

We are inviting to all you: normal people, and you: metahumans, who act as individuals or groups to join our movement. We will give you only one opportunity to do what is correct for the good of all humanity. Join us or get out of our way.

I give this ultimatum to all criminals, tyrants, abusers and assassins, from the smallest of petty thieves to the biggest of criminal organizations: retire or be suppressed. This is your first and only warning. Give yourself up or cease all criminal activity. We wouldn’t tolerate any criminal activity. I repeat: retire or be suppressed.

Thank you.”

This is how the Justice Lords are born…


Superman speaks to the United Nations

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