Super Dragon Soldier

Clone Experimental Army of the People of China (CEAPOCs)
Location: Kobra Cult
Super Dragon Soldier
Dex: 10 Str: 15 Body: 10
Int: 4 Will: 6 Mind: 5
Infl: 7 Aura: 7 Spirit: 8
Init: 21 Hero Points: 10
Powers: Flight:15, Heat Vision:15, Sealed Systems:10.
Skills: Military Science: 4.
Advantages: Connections: Kobra Cult (High)
Equipment: Black and White Uniform.
Motivation: Obeying Orders

This experimental army created by the Republic if China was released in 1996 against the Justice Lords to opposed their new world order. The genetically modified clones were grown in gestation tubes using an experimental acceleration technology. The Chinese’s Scientists were killed and their research destroyed by Kobra Cult when the remaining clones’ embryos were stolen.

The Kobra Cult was able to steal 100 embryos from the Chinese Government back in 1996. The Chinese Scientists develop the clones using DNA from the Martian Manhunter mixed with human DNA. The clones are ready to leave the growing tank in 24 APs (1 year). They take 28 APs (10 years) to grow into a full adult. Only 70% of the embryos grow to maturity the other die in the first year. The lifespan of a Super Dragon Soldier is 27 APs (8 years) after they mature for a total of 29 APs (19 years). They are trained and conditioned to be totally loyal to Kobra.

2009: The Justice Police reported that one Super Dragon Soldier and one ICBM was still unaccounted for. Martian Manhunter modified the Radar Sense of the Justice Watchtower to detect martian DNA but was unable to find the clone in the first try. This event is known as Out of Retirement.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D4 to D5


Super Dragon Soldier

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