Recovery Checks House Rule

Recovery Checks House Rule
This rule applies to:

Quick Recovery Check can be automatically made by using the following formula instead of rolling dice:

  • If the attribute/power has a score of 0 or more it will recover the original AP’s of the Attribute/Power less 2 (minimum of 1).
  • If the attribute/power has a score less than 0 it will recover half the original AP’s of the Attribute/Power.

The Recovery check is not made but still counts as a dice action. This speeds up the process a lot specially when multiple characters are making recovery checks at the same time. Recovery checks still count as dice actions even when this rule is used and no dice are rolled. Other modifiers like HP cost and time are used the same as the original rules.

House Rule from the Master of the Game for Games & Ideas – 2012.11.18
Updated in 2018.04.21

Recovery Checks House Rule

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