Metahuman Treat Rating

Metahuman Treat Rating
Justice Lords
Justice Protocols
Under the “Metahuman Rights Act” described in A Better World, individuals with special abilities, skills or powers that have been found dangerous are under vigilance by the Justice Police, cataloged and will be categorized on this scale:

  • D1- Public Service = The person could use his abilities, skills and/or powers to help the Justice Lords and the World. They will be usually assigned to the Justice Reserve. A person in this category who commits a crime is automatically raised to D3 or D4 depending on his power level.
  • D2- Danger Level Inactive = The person should retired and never use his abilities, skills or powers. He will be placed under continued surveillance by the Justice Police. A person in this category who commits a crime is automatically raised to D3 or D4 depending on his power level.
  • D3- Danger Level Low = If possible, this individual will be stripped of his power or, if he is a very dangerous criminal he will be lobotomized and assigned to Arkham Asylum. If he is a henchman without special powers or skills he will be imprison on Belle Reve Penitentiary.
  • D4- Danger Level Medium = This individual cannot be stripped of his powers not lobotomized so he is nullified and imprisoned in Cadmus Project for ever.
  • D5- Danger Level High = This individual can be target for termination. Declaring an individual a D5 requires three members of the Justice Lords to vote in favor.

People who has special powers and skills that have not used them for any villain act, can join the Justice Reserve or retired and never use their powers again. They will not be tagged with a MTR if they do that. They will be placed in file and leave alone. Using powers, skills or gadgets without the sanction of the Justice Lords places a character (even former heroes) in the MTR list.

Wen normal procedures are in place the United Nations’s Branches take over the normal decision making process to identify and clasify people with powers, skills or gadgets that are dangerous for the world and the general population.

Security Privilegies:
To classify or reclasify a Security Level: Beta is needed.

Metahuman Treat Rating

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