Level D Museum and Ancillary Facilities

Level D Museum and Ancillary Facilities
This level is part of the Justice Watchtower the headquarters of the Justice Lords. It’s a museum with a trophy room.

Some items seen in the Trophy Room:

  • Z’onn Z’orr Globe – Model reveals the White Martians’ planned realignment of Earth’s continents.
  • The Royal Flush Gang – Over-sized playing cards replicate a two-dimensional trap once holding the Gangs Ten, Hi-Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.
  • Piranha Penguins – Justice League Antarctica encountered Adelie penguins bioengineered to have the teeth and voraciousness of Amazonian piranha.
  • Kirby Dots – Bits of “dark matter” sealed in a vacuum chamber pending study.
  • Artificial Kryptonite – Radiation-depleted isotope of the rare element.
  • The Bug – Miniature model of Blue Beetle’s scarab-shaped hover-ship.
  • Para Demons Armor – Headpiece worn by Darkseid’s elite flying stormtroopers
  • Amazo‘s Head – Deactivated central processing unit from one of the android’s early prototype bodies.
  • The Ray’s Crash Helmet – Spare helmet worn by Ray Terrill (The Ray), briefly a member of the Justice League Task Force before joining Young Justice and later retiring.
  • Little Leaguers – Malicious micro-robot duplicates of the Justice League built by the The Toyman and Abra Kadabra.
  • Brain Storm’s Thinking Cap – This channels stellar energy to boost intelligence, animates objects, enables its wearer to hurl “star-bolts,” and permits teleportation.
  • Starro Probe – Stasis tank keeps the Star Conqueror’s face-hugging mental probe inert. Occasional feeding is required.
  • Power Battery – Replica of original Green Lantern Alan Scott’s emerald power battery, carved from the meteoric Starheart, repository of the universe’s random magicks.
  • Trick Arrows – A sample of Green Arrow Oliver Queen’s shafts.
  • Portrait Gallery – Holographic bank depicts constantly rotating assemblage of every JLA hero and heroine.
  • Gamma Gong – Dhorian dictator Kanjar Ro ’s paralyzing weapon. When struck, the Gong incapacitates anyone in its vicinity.
  • Superman-Robot Costume – Uniform worn by one of the robotic Men of Steel created by Superman to police the Earth
  • Batarangs – Working samples of Batman’s signature weapon.
  • Blue Beetle’s Weaponry – Compressed air-firing B.B. Gun; replica of first Beetle Dan Garrett’s mystical scarab; hand-held remote for the high-flying Bug.
  • Aztek’s Helm – The late Justice Leaguer’s sunmotif helmet was the source of his 4-dimensional powers. It remains in JLA possession pending a custody battle initiated by Aztek’s former benefactors, the Q Foundation.
  • Martian Jump-Ship – Unaltered model of the Martian Bio Ship shuttle, seen in its primary configuration.
  • Star Laboratories’s Shuttle – Scale model of a prototype spacecraft rescued by the JLA.

There are hundreds more items in the Trophy Room. The more dangerous items are stored in vaults accessible only to core JLA members.


Level D Museum and Ancillary Facilities

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