Space Sectors: 2828
Wealth and Resources: 34
Progress Level: 6
Gravitational Effects: + 1 / + 1
Kalanor is the home world of the alien conqueror known as Despero. Is a devastated planet striped of resources and build over the misery of their people and the slaves taken from other planets.

Planet Military is composed of:
Typical Alien Soldier in Combat Armor
Alien Space Carrier – Conqueror Despero’s flagship. Is always modified with some kind of special weapon to defend or destroy his desired targets. (This special weapon will have 12-18 APs on specific power or combination of powers.)
Alien Battleship
Alien Transport
Alien Destroyer
Starship Equipment: Escape Pods, Energy Reserve and Grapplers.

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Even when the population of Kalanor is under the tyrannical rule of Despero, his mental powers and godlike appearance has inspired the creation of a cult: The Legion of the Third Eye
Despero is the beginning! Despero is the end! Despero is all!


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