Justice Watchtower

Justice Watchtower
(Expansive Headquarters)
Justice League Satellite [Dex: 5, BODY: 15, Flight: 5, Force Shield: 8, Sealed Systems: 15, Solar Substance: 20, Security Systems: 11, R#: 2] Note: The Satellite has 5 APs width by 7 APs of height. Elevators have 4 APs of speed. Ref: JLSp.106.

See the Earth-Moon System for distances and location of the Justice Watchtower.

On duty on the Justice Watchtower, at the command of all Watchmen, there is always one Justice Lords, the post is called Watchlord.

The Watchtower was constructed of promethium and used highly advanced Martian, Thanagarian, Kryptonian, and Earthian technology. The arrival of Big Barda added the technology of New Genesis and Apokolips to the systems within.

The original Justice League Satellite has become the Justice Watchtower from where the Justice Lords monitor everything that is happening on Earth-50. The satellite would be the League’s home. Members were able to teleport to and from the satellite using teleportation centers located across the planet. Justice Lords members took turns on watch duty, monitoring Earth-50 from the satellite and dispatching the Justice Lords or Justice Reserve as needed. The Justice Watchtower has a crew of civilians members of the Justice Police who are in charge of 15 sets of monitors who control the Brother Satellite Grid, monitor communications, coordinate police and military efforts and even scan the media for signs of crime. The monitors are called Watchers and the officers in duty are called Watchmen. The Watchtower is part of the Earth-50 Armament and Defenses.

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More Information about the levels available in Justice League Sourcebook pages 107-110.

Justice Watchtower

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