Justice Society

Justice Society
The Justice Society of America is the original super-hero team, premiering during the Golden Age and fighting during World War II as part of the All-Star Squadron.

Their members were:
The Original Atom (deceased)
Doctor Fate (disabled)
Doctor Mid-Nite
The Original Flash (deceased)
The original Green Lantern (deceased)
Hawkman (deceased)
Hourman (deceased)
The Sandman (deceased)
The Spectre
The Original Starman (deceased)

During the rise of the Justice Lords the Justice Society opposed their position of supremacy and there was a big battle between both groups in front of the United Nations building. The Justice Society was able to destroy the Batcave and kill The Question but they were killed. Doctor Fate was also disabled. The Spectre survived up to the events of Day of Judgment on 1999.

The Justice Lords built a monument in the memory of these heroes in the site of the battle. Their dead was labeled as a “sacrifice” for a better world and there is no mention that the battle was between two hero teams.

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Justice Society

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