Justice Police

Justice Police
Wealth and Resources: *
Born from the fusion of ARGUS and other organizations, the Justice Police is a high-tech global police force that respond to the United Nations but are under the direct supervision of the Justice Lords. There are different facilities that the Justice Police use in conjunction with the Justice Reserve and are the Justice Police Facilities. Justice Police are treated with respect and their identities are keep a secret to protect them.

Types of members:

Police Composition
The troops are composed of Typical Justice Police Officer and have access to military vehicles and weapons like the following:

Mission Transports and Attack Helicopters are equipped with Mission Modules.

The Justice Police can also activate and take control of national armies:
Typical Soldier.
Special units of armies of the Justice Police include the following divisions:

Police Function
The Justice Police main functions are:
1. To serve as Protectors and Peacekeepers of Earth.
2. To coordinate any protection and pacification efforts with all the armed forces of Earth.
3. To support the Justice Lords in all their Protection and Pacification efforts.

The Justice police is been used the following way:

Police Protocols
The Justice Police is more a global army that has jurisdiction in every corner of Earth-50. They do follow the Justice Protocols and are following the laws described in A Better World.

The Future of the Justice Police
" The idea behind this global police force is to slowly move all armies, police officers and special operations units of the planet into an unified organization that could provide efficient training, unlimited resources and quality equipment. This will allow for a focus in all protection and pacification efforts so that they could be attained with efficiency and readiness. The United Nations want to include other areas into the Justice Police scope of action like fast response emergency units and disaster recovery efforts. We are thinking about merging the lines between hero and super-hero, even the Justice Reserve is training an working in total coordination with the Justice Police so that the eventually merge of both branch could be made with a minimum effort and a maximum efficiency. " – Frank Berkowitz, United Nations, 2005.

Wealth and Resources
The Wealth and Resources of the Justice Police is directly related to the total resources of Earth and will always be 3 points less than the Current World Statistics representing 1/4 of the total budget of the United Nations.

Justice Police

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