Jokers Wildcards

Joker’s Wildcards
Wealth and Resources: 10?
The Joker’s Wildcards is a gang that has been cataloged as “terrorists” but is difficult to understand their motives because they appear to have no agenda, no specific target or motivation other than causing dead, torture, destruction. They leave graffiti with messages like:
“Madness + Mayhem!”
“Did you get it?”
“Why so serious?”
“Is funny. doesn’t it?”

The current leader of the Joker’s Wildcards is the villain known as The Joke formerly known as Harley Quinn. The group appear to have different members from month to month, mission to mission but is composed mostly of Typical Henchman. Is unknown were the Joker’s Wildcards get the funding for their acts of violence as they appear to always be equipped with what they need including vehicles, explosives and high caliber weapons. Their random pattern has make them difficult to find and neutralize even for Batman.

Joker’s Wild Cards
Location: Unknown
Area of Influence: Varies
The Joker (BRBp.83) (lobotomized}
The Joke

Metahuman Treat Rating: D3

Joker Wildcards Events

Jokers Wildcards

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