Ivos Androids

Profesor Ivo’s Androids
Unlike Amazo, these Androids are less powerful creations of Profesor Anthony Ivo designed to pass as specific people or to substitute him when he is in danger of been capture.

IVO’s ANDROIDS [Dex: 7, Str: 10, Bod: 8, Int: 3, Wil: 2, Mind: 7, Infl: 2, Aura: 2, Spirit: 2, Energy Blast: 7, Regeneration: 4, Skin Armor: 4]

Some Androids are created with the Power: Chameleon: 10. Limitation: The Chameleon power is always one and can only be used to impersonate a specific individual pre build and pre programed on the android.

Ivo can made aditional modifications to his androids to pass them as other people he can modify the android to pose as the original by adding AP’s up to the original individual AP’s if his attribute, skill or power or 10 wichever is lower:

  • Program up to 3 skills. In addition to the individual skills, one of the skills programed to some androids can be up to 10 AP’s of Thief (Security Systems) to bypass security and escape or infiltrate locations. This skill will take one of the three skills programed.
  • Modify the androids physical attributes.
  • Add up to 3 fake powers that can be easily duplicated like flight.
    Prof Ivo would have more problem addiyng Bonuses, LImitations, Advantages and Drawbacks. Chamaleo does’t take one of the three powers programed.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D5


Ivos Androids

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