Invasion Earth

Invasion Earth
At some point, a low caste Dominator scientist studied the Metagene that seemed prevalent amongst the inhabitants of the planet Earth and concluded that the Human race along with its superheroes posed a threat to the future of the Dominion. This led to the Dominators embarking on an ambitious plan to contain the human threat. A group of planets are organized by the race known as The Dominators to invade Earth-50 or to try a second time around to do so. The Invasion Alliance is composed of:

*Note that if any of this planets have a change in rulers, they could or couldn’t join the invasion force. On the other hand, other planets like Rann and Colu could be conquered by a villain that change their political views and joins the invasion. Warworld could be paid to work as mercenaries during the battle.

The only planet that could ally with Earth-50 is Rann if the speak with them.
Another option is to free both Kalanor and Tamaran from their current tyrannic rule. At least Tamaran will automatically leave the battle if their leader falls. Kalanor, on the other hand could have a leader of lesser power occupy their tyrant’s place or could find themselves controlled by Thanagar to continue in the war.

The events from this issue or series are related to Invasion!, during which an Alien Alliance led by the hostile super-scientist Dominators invades the Earth in an attempt to exterminate humanity. They wish to eliminate the metagene, for fear that the unpredictable nature of earthlings could destroy them in the future.

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Invasion Earth

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