Important Events

Important Events on the timeline of Earth-50
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  • The Justice Lords fight and kill almost all members of the Justice Society because they opposed their new " brand of justice " including their guidelines described here: A Better World. The also killed other villains and incarcerated others. The event is called A Better World Part2.
  • The Justice Lords force world leaders to stop the Peru-Ecuador Frontier War and helped civilians to stop Somalia’s Famine and North Korea’s Famine. The New Orleans’ Floods was another event were the heroes were involved.


  • A two years campaign ends and the Justice Lords finally get an overall control of all Earth-50. The Justice Police is finally in place, all communications, armies and wealth is connected and regulated by the United Nations.
  • Bruce Wayne marries former thief Selina Kyle in what is considered a way of showing that the world has changed and for the better. They had a child, Stephanie Wayne.
  • Harley Quinn snaps out and becomes the dangerous criminal The Joke.
  • Northern Ireland Peace Representatives of the Catholics and Protestants of Ireland, together with representatives of the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom, are forced by the Justice Lords to sign a major peace accord.




  • Mirror Master and Doctor Light become allies and a powerful villain team Lights & Mirrors.
  • The Our Worlds at War was a cosmic conflict between the universe and the cosmic entity known as Imperiex, who attacked Earth-50 for the purpose of using the planet as the staging ground for the “hollowing” of the entire universe. He was stopped by the Justice Lords.
  • Members of Kobra Cult hijacked four commercial airliners, intentionally crashing one of them into The World Trade Centers in New York City, and one into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. The third was intended for the second tower of the Trade Center but was stopped by Captain Marvel and the fourth plane’s intended target was the White House, but passengers aboard the plane resisted the initiatives of the hijackers and crashed the plane into a field in Pennsylvania.





  • Hurricane Jeanne hits Haiti and over 3,000 people are helped by the Justice Lords and the Justice Reserve.
  • Hurricane Katrina hits southeast Louisiana and Mississippi (mostly in New Orleans), over 1,500 are helped by the Justice Lords and the Justice Reserve. A significant portion of the city, most of which sits below sea level, was submerged.
  • People of Kashmir is helped by the Justice Lords after an earthquake.
  • London bombings made by suicide Kobra Cult terrorist affects the transport system killing 52 people and injuring 700. Other terrorists attack are made to various markets in New Delhi, killing 61 people and injuring 188 more, right before the start of the festival season in India.





Important Events

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