Hard Light Hologram Projector

Hard Light Hologram Projector
Light and Mirrors
The latest and greatest invention of the combined minds of Doctor Light and Mirror Master is the Enhanced Hard Light Hologram Projector who can create a copy of any superhero or villain they want with the original Physical Abilities and Physical Powers. They can them “posses” the new body and use it remotely or like a suit around their bodies. They have built a total of 2 projectors so far but can create up to 10 Hard Light Holograms with each (Split:10).

ENHANCED HARD LIGHT HOLOGRAM PROJECTORS [BODY: 12, Adaptation: 20, Animate Image: 12 (Power linked to Split, used to give programmed mental attribute to the hologram, see below), Energy Absorption: 6 (Feeds Power Reserve), Force Manipulation: 28, Illusion: 18, Power Reserve: 6, Split: 10 (Usable on Others, Only allows the interface operator to create a hard, hologram of a character of his choice along with all of the character’s physical abilities and gadgets per a normal split- it does not split mental or mystical abilities), Personality Transfer: 12 (Power linked to Split, Used as an automatic action to place the personality of the interface operator into the hologram), R#2] When a hologram is destroyed, it disperses and the interface operator returns to his own body.
Bonuses: Split doesn’t reduce the “copied” attributes and powers. Unlike the original gadgets, these powers don’t need mirrors to work, nor the presence of light.
Limitation: The user can only inhabit one projection at a given time, but when a hard light hologram is created it can be “programed” to act as their “originals” or to do specific attacks or actions, when doing so it will have INT/WILL/MIND scores of 4 each (these are the 12 points of Animated Image divided between the mental attributes).
Notes: When creating a Hard Light Hologram, the higher Physical Attribute of the HLH can’t be higher than the current APs of Force Manipulation, also, the higher power can’t be higher than the current APs of Adaptation.

The gadgets of both villains still work as noted in their individual entries, this new enhanced gadget is added to both their arsenals.


Hard Light Hologram Projector

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