Fortress of Solitude

Fortress of Solitude
Wealth and Resources: 16 *
Mana Factors: – 2APs
The Fortress of Solitude was an immense compound housed within the interior of a mountain range in an isolated region of the Arctic. This is the private sanctuary and secret headquarter of Superman known only to other members of the Justice Lords and people close to Superman.

The device called the Eradicator is in charge of protecting the Fortress and is helped by a set of kryptonian robots called “Kelex”. Superboy and Power Girl has free access to the facility.

(See new stats for KELEX)

Note: In terms of Wealth and Resources the score represents the advanced kryoptonian technology that can produce anything that the Fortress needs to maintain itself and its occupants. The Fortress also has a small army of Superman Robots.

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Botteled City of Kandor

Kent’s Farm
Right now Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent live inside the Fortress in an expansive holographic room that simulates their farm on Kansas. See Individual Entries.


Fortress of Solitude

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