Dimensional Travel

Dimensional Travel

Rating to travel to Adjacent Dimensions: 12/12
Rating to travel to non-Adjacent Dimensions: 15/15

Dimensional Travel to Multiverse OV/RV
Adjacent 12/12
Non-Adjacent 15/15
Oblivion Bar – Only accessible if invited in through one of the doors
Phantom Zone (Ethereal Plane) 10
Qward the Antimatter Universe 10
The Rainbow Bridge 8
Realm of the Just Dead (The Shadowfell) 6
The Rock of Eternity of Shazam 14
The Silver City (City of Angels) 16
Mount Olympus 13
Limbo 8
The Green 11

Alternate Earth 12 (also requires Time Travel)
Alternate Time Line 10 (also requires Time Travel)
Alternate Universe 15 (also requires Time Travel)

Dimensional Travel

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