Dimensional Travel

Dimensional Travel
A more super-complete Dimensional Travel table

Rating to travel to Adjacent Dimensions: 12/12
Rating to travel to non-Adjacent Dimensions: 15/15

Dimensional Travel to Multiverse OV/RV
Adjacent 12/12
Non-Adjacent 15/15
Oblivion Bar – Only accessible if invited in through one of the doors
Phantom Zone (Ethereal Plane) 10
Qward the Antimatter Universe 10
The Rainbow Bridge 8
Realm of the Just Dead (The Shadowfell) 6
The Rock of Eternity of Shazam 14
The Silver City (City of Angels) 16
Mount Olympus 13
Limbo 8
The Green 11

Alternate Earth 12 (also requires Time Travel)
Alternate Time Line 10 (also requires Time Travel)
Alternate Universe 15 (also requires Time Travel)

Atlas (p.204)
Magic (p.19, 33)

Dimensional Travel

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