Brainac Year 2000 Virus

Brainac Year 2000 Virus
The villain Brainiac tried to control planet Earth-50 using his technology to create a mega-virus that will modify all computer based technology into an extension of his starship. During the event, who started at the Lexcorp Building but rapidly spread to all of Metropolis the virus propaged to every computer on the planet. The Justice Lords were able to stop the virus from transforming the complete city into an extension of the Brainiac Spacecraft.

Brainiac used a series of robots of different sizes shaped like his Spacecraft. Even when they were diminutive, they were very destructive and dangerous. The robots were all destroyed when the virus was.

Lord Batman was able to overload Brainiac’s Spacecraft engine and produce an explotion that was contained using Lord Green Lantern‘s ring. The explotion was designed to cause an alien EMP pulse that destroyed Brainiac’s army of Nano Robots and wiped the virus (and Brainiac’s computer mind). At the same time Lord Martian Manhunter was attacking Brainiac with his mind and Lord Superman was fighting the maniac conqueror.


During these events both the hero Vibe and the villain Silver Banshee died. This event was stopped by the Justice Lords when they destroyed the Brainiac Spacecraft and Brainiac.

Brainac Year 2000 Virus

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