Capital: Bialya (city)

Bialya was ruled by petty dictator Rumaan Harjavarti. He tricked the extra-dimensional Champions of Angor into aiding him against the major world powers. He clashed with the Justice League International several times before being assassinated by the mysterious Queen Bee who took his place as ruler of Bialya.

Queen Bee brainwashed the Global Guardians to serve her. She was later killed by Rumaan’s brother, Sumaan. He continued to use the Global Guardians until Dr. Mist broke their conditioning and they left Bialya.

Bialya is a country in located in the Middle East north of Iran and Saudi Arabia. During the Cold War, the country was little more than an arid desert, with a small struggling populace. Captain Nathaniel Adam spent some time stationed in Bialya some time prior to volunteering for the " Captain Atom Project ".

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