Army Stats

Army Stats
This page contains links to all the wiki pages with descriptions of soldiers for easy reference. They are also described in the different entries belonging to their country, organization, planet or culture:

Check out our Army House Rules to understand more about how to use large numbers of soldiers in a battle. Here are the stats for a Typical Citizen for reference and comparison.

Normal Earth Soldiers
Typical Cultist
Typical Henchman
Typical High-Tech Trooper
Typical Justice Police Officer
Typical Ninja
Typical Soldier

Special Earth Soldiers
Checkmate Knight (disabled)
Gorilla Knight
Ivos Androids
Kobra Reptile Soldiers (destroyed)
Sons of Anubis
Super Dragon Soldier (destroyed)
Typical Amazonian Soldier
Typical Atlantean-Tritonian Soldier
Typical Gorilla City Soldier
Typical Zombie
Typical Watchmen Officer

Alien Soldiers
Para Demons
Female Furies
Typical Alien Combat Robot I (medium size)
Typical Alien Combat Robot II (large size)
Typical Alien Combat Robot III (heavy large size)
Typical Alien Soldier in Combat Armor
Typical Citadelians
Typical Dominator
Typical Gordanian Slaver
Typical Khundian Warrior
Typical Korugaran
Typical Okaaran
Typical New Genesis Warrior
Typical Rann Soldier
Typical Spider Guild Soldier
Typical Tamaran Warrior
Typical Thanagarian Soldier

Army Stats

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