Apokolips Doom Towers

Apokolips Doom Towers
Doom Towers are gigantic devices that serve as resource stealing, temporary bases, military stations, safe places to open Boom Tubes and eventually they will transform into Fire Pits like the ones on Apokolips.

Apokolips Doom Towers
[Str: 19, Body: 25, AV: 7, EV: 16, Radar Sense: 18, Hardened Defenses, R#3]
Missile [Dex: 13, Body:10 AV: 8, EV: 14, Fligth:12, Radar Sense:20]
Laser Cannon [Body:10 AV: 10, EV: 10, R#:3]
Bonuses: The Doom Tower can fire up to four cannons to the same target gaining the bonuses of a Team Attack combat maneuver or can attack four different targets without the column shifts adjustments of a Multi-Attack combat maneuver.
Crew: 1000
Troops: 1000
Attack Fighters: 50

Apokolips Tower Caller
[Body: 10, Bomb: 20, Radio Communication: 20, R#:4]
The Tower Caller is a device with 4 APs of weight that takes 1 hour to install (9 AP’s of time) by the Para Demons and has the following effects:
- First the device calls for a Doom Tower directly to Apokolips.
- Second a Boom Tube opens and a Doom Tower is thrown from Apokolips to the invading planet.
- Third the device implodes and creates a hole were the Doom Tower is pulled into. Presto! Automatic fortress building in an invaded planet.


Apokolips Doom Towers

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