A Better World

A Better World

The following are the main changes in the Sociopolitical and Technological Landscape of Earth-50 since 1996. This changes are discussed in the order of importance that the Justice Lords have assigned to them: Security, Needs and Rights

Security – The Justice Lords are here to bring Justice to the world, to secure the planet for those who live in it. Tyranny, War, Crime and Slavery are just some of the evils that they will eradicate.

“Homeworld Security Act” – The establishment of the global force known as the Justice Police and the expansion of the jurisdiction of the Justice Lords to all corners of the World. Superhero teams have been disbanded and all superheroes (not yet part of the Justice Lords) that want to be superhero have to be part of the Justice Reserve. Planetary defenses are in place and also army force to stop any war that takes place. National armies in different countries are kept to a minimum but they are monitored by the United Nations and can be taken control off by the Justice Police at any moment. Crime has been reduced to 15%.

“Peacekeeper Act” – Disarmament of all war budgets up to a minimum. Destruction of all unnecessary weapons including all army surplus currently rotting away in war graveyards around the world. This metal is to be decommissioned and recycle with the help of superpowered beings to use the metal in the construction of housing for the poor and the homeless. This operation is named Disarming Initiative.

Needs – With this imposed changes; food, shelter, medical care, clothing, and education are basic needs that are now provided to every citizen of Earth.

“Wealth Distribution Act” – The distribution of wealth among all the citizens of the world has caused a lot of restrictions on Capitalism that has shifted some of the laws on trade and property toward Communism. Corporate and Private Property are still allowed but only up to a top. (Wealth of 10APs for individuals and 20APs for corporations). But some corporations sponsored by the United Nations can reach higher wealth.

“Health for All Act” and “Shelter for All Act” – Disease has been reduced to less than 50% and housing is provided for 85% of humanity. Tobacco and alcohol are greatly regulated as is every unsafely and unhealthy activity.

“Building a better world Act” – Technological advantages including the use of gadgets made by gifted beings and technology copied from alien or futuristic technology has raised the comfort of living to a next level. Fossil fuels are still used but many homes and vehicles run on removable energy who now is used for 55% of the energy needs.

Rights – Many basic freedoms are more regulated and placed in second place over the Security and Basic Needs. There still freedom of religion but the churches pay taxes now. There is freedom of speech but the media and the governments are under the scrutiny of the Justice Lords.

“Accuracy of Information Act” – All communications are monitored by the Justice Police. The Justice System is now more efficient, fast and accurate, with the use of telephats and high tech equipment. The use of media for defamation, lying or simply false advertising is prohibited. The act is not considered “Censured” but “Accuracy” or “Correction of Information” required.

“Metahuman Rights Act” – People with special abilities, skills or powers that are considered dangerous are cataloged using the Metahuman Treat Rating or MTR that goes from D1 (less dangerous) to D5 (Danger Level High). Note that the Justice Lords have given criminals opportunities for a full pardon if they give themselves up to the authorities. This criminals are usually categorized D1 or D2. They gave the first amnesty in 1997, another in 2002 and the third one in 2007. Individual members of the Justice Lords have the authority to offer amnesty to specific criminals. Only three votes are needed for this.

“One United World” – In 2009, the United Nations passed the new law called One United World were all frontiers are lifted and there is only one identification profile for all citizens of Earth-50. The UNPass is installed and is made mandatory.


A Better World

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