Captain Romi'r of the Flaming Ghoul


Dex: 7 Str: 6 Body: 6
Int: 7 Will: 8 Mind: 6
Infl: 7 Aura: 8 Spirit: 5
Init: 23 HP: 45

  • POWERS: Flight: 8, Solar Sustenance: 8
  • SKILLS: Charisma: 7, Martial Artis: 7, Military Science: 7, Thief: 7, Weaponry: 7
  • ADVANTAGES: Area Knowledge ( Tamaran ); Connection: Space Pirates (Low); Leadership, Attractive, Iron Nerves
  • Motivation: Mercenary/Revenge against Blackfire
  • WEALTH: 7
    ARMOR [BODY: 8, R#: 3]
    Pistol [BODY: 4, Laser Beam: 5 (No AV, Lethal, Reduced Range (-1 AP)), Ammo: 8, R#2]
    Rifle [BODY: 4, Laser Beam: 5 (No AV, Lethal, Extended Range (+1 AP)), Ammo: 12, R#2]

Captain Romi’r of planet Tamaran is a mercenary and pirate commander of the Alien Battleship called the Flaming Ghoul his crew are counted as Typical High-Tech Trooper. She has spoken against Blackfire and dislikes her.

Captain Romi’r has made deals with space mercenaries like Terra-Man and Lobo and claims that her scientist developed weapons that can kill both of them. It’s unknown if Romi’r has those weapons and now that her mysterious scientist was killed by Cyborg Superman she can’t develop more.


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