Graciela Soufflant

Amazing Grace


Graciela Soufflant
DEX: 2 STR: 2 BODY: 2
INT: 3 WILL: 3 MIND: 3
SKILLS: Charisma (Persuasion): 4, Medicine: 4
ADVANTAGES: Attractive; Gift of Gab;
Motivation: Upholding the Good
Wealth: 1

This is actually Amazing Grace, an agent of Apokolips in disguise.


Graciela Soufflant was abducted by the Thanagarian Invasion Fleet back in 2004. She was left on Warworld with other abductees and a group of slaves and they formed a group called The Outhers to survive inside the artificial moon with the resources they could gather. She became their spiritual leader. At first, Graciela Soufflant was a leader and a loving mother to all the survivors. She even saved the weak and non-violent Yiogurz. Yiogurz had a son, (his race are hermaphrodites) and named him Soufflant after her.

By interrogating Yiogurz, Oracle discovered that Graciela Soufflant changed and become a fearless leader of the resistance. She even delegated Yiogurz to a less active role and stoped speaking to him concentrating on her raids on Mongul. She had a few leiutenants on the army known as The Outhers who helped her organize the survivors and steal resources from Mongul. Bruno Caraballo was a mechanic who learned about Warworld‘s and Thanagar’s technology and repaired weapons and other devices used by the survivors. Anastasia Piiunkina, an expert in weapons who helped train the soldiers. And Caleb Green… well, let’s just said that Caleb was Caleb… We called him Calkill.

Speaking with the deranged Caleb Green, Batgirl discovered that he knew Graciela Soufflant was Amazing Grace and that she has another secret identity on Warworld that of Mongul‘s lover Zanni Ecarg. She had both prisoners on a secret room on the base. Graciela discovered Caleb’s hidden power and brainwahsed him to be the perfect assassin and to kill anyone who opossed her plan.

Graciela Soufflant was one of the humans rescued by Superman and Hal Jordan on the events called A Eleventh Planet and brought back to Earth-50 on 2009.

2009: During the events known as Apokolips Invasion it was discovered that Graciela Soufflant was really a resourceful agent of Apokolips named Amazing Grace who used Lord Superman to get near the Justice Police and infiltrate the Justice Watchtower. This agent also disguised herself as Catherine Grant and as Lady Hawkwoman in at least one occasion.

Graciela Soufflant

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