Kevin Crow


DEX: 8/1 STR: 15/1 BODY: 12/2
INT: 4 WILL: 6 MIND: 5
INITIATIVE: 14/7 HERO POINTS: 20 Source: -
POWERS: Flame Projection: 10, Growth: 2, Projectile Weapons: 10, Skin Armor: 5
SKILLS: Military Science: 2
LIMITATIONS: Growth is Always On (STR bonuses have been calculated in)
ADVANTAGES: Connections: Project Cadmus (High)
DRAWBACKS: Mistrust; Minor Physical Restriction: Only one working eye (Crow only); Catastrophic Physical Restriction: Wheelchair-bound (Crow only); Strange Appearance (Cauldron only); Uncertainty; Misc.: Crow is reckless when fighting crime. Treat as Serious Rage for the sake of putting the lives of malefactors in jeopardy
EQUIPMENT: MOBILE BASE [STR: 7, BODY: 6, Running: 7, Telepathy: 8] Limitations: Telepathy only works for Crow to control Cauldron; The Telepathy function can be usurped by someone who knows the technology (i.e. Dabney Donovan) on a
ALTER EGO: Kevin Crow
MOTIVATION: Thrill of Adventure
OCCUPATION: Cauldron pilot/Former security guard


Cauldron’s history is tied to a man name Kevin Crow, who was a member of the special forces for Cadmus Project. He was one of the elite flying units sent to attack Superman during his battle against Doomsday. Crow was badly injured during the battle, losing his right eye and the use of his legs.

Crow volunteered for an experiment at Cadmus, where a cybernetically enhanced clone of Crow was created. The clone, called Cauldron, was controlled by Crow from a mobile command center. The project, hoping to shore up public support, sent Crow to control Cauldron in busting up several gangs and gunrunners.

Metahuman Treat Rating: D2

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