Justice League: A Better World

The New League of Shadows

Mini Mariotón # 118

The New League…. of Shadows
HP: 55

A splinter organization o the League of Assassins known as League of Shadows was disbanded by Lord Batman and other members of the Justice Reserve in a secret mission for the Justice Lords. The general public doesn’t know about these events were Deathstroke was killed and the real League of Assassins leaded now by Damian Wayne-Ghul.

Lord Batman was approached by Talia al Ghul who told him in secret that that Ras al Ghul wanted him to be the Head of the League of Assassins and that the world needed the League and someone like Batman to stop the Justice Lords and specially Lord Superman if they got out of control. At the end Damian Wayne-Ghul son of Talia and Bruce was the one who killed Deathstroke and won the head of the League of Assassins disabling at the same time the League of Shadows.

In terms of the objectives of Ras al Ghul and The League of Assassins what the Justice Lords are doing is a way of destroying evil that is effective and they won’t get in their way. They went into hiding waiting for the moment they are needed to fix things.

Green Arrow
Black Canary
Blue Beetle
Booster Gold



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