Justice League: A Better World

The Eye in the Sky Part I

The Eye in the Sky Part I

2009: The Justice Lords are able to stop Giganta but they were late to save an attack to Houngan that killed him in Los Angeles. Taking into custody his attacker, interrogating the suspects ( including the lobotomized Atomic Skull ), doing forensics on the bodies and even using telephaty the combined effort of all the heroes tracked the attackers to Brother Eye. The Cyborg Superman’s tampering of Brother Satellite Grid has triggered – in the Satellite – a form of sentient artificial intelligence. The newly life form has decided that he must fulfill his role and finish what the Justice Lords started. He has taken information on Cadmus Project files and Metapower Projects of Lexcorp and created the OMAC Virus to produce an army of OMACs on the unsuspected 1,373,462 ex-employees of Lexcorp.

Now the AI wants has learn enough to create his army and appears to be following a set of directives:
1. Protect humanity. Destroy all menaces against humanity.
2. Destroy all metahumans targeted as menaces against humanity.
3. Justice Reserve are metahumans.
4. Justice Lords are metahumans.
5. Destroy all metahumans.
6. All humans are metahumans.

Martian Manhunter
The Atom
Captain Marvel
Booster Gold



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