Justice League: A Better World

The Amazing Land

The Amazing Land

The Mystic Community is under the scrutiny of the Justice Lords and the decision to led the Helm of Fate lose from its prison to find the next Doctor Fate even when they don’t know if these will be an ally or enemy.

Two superheroes have disappeared after speaking with Catherine Grant. Starman ( in Central City ) and Captain Atom ( in Coast City ). They both are caught in camera in different cities entering a building in flames to rescue an old granny and then a flash of light and they never exit the building.
There is a masked radiation that is the same as the one found on Cadmus Project when the two prisoners escaped. Black Adam and Major Force. Investigations discover how to by-pass the masking but need to still discover the source of the technology.

During these events Captain Atom reappears in Coast City with what appears to be a controlling harness. He is destroying the evidence. Lord Martian Manhunter, Power Girl and Lord Flash are able to hold him enough for Cyborg and The Atom to disarm the device who auto-destructs. Captain Atom is left catatonic with a fractured mind that needs slow healing and is placed under the care of Miss Martian.

Catherine Grant was found to have been kidnapped and replaced by an unknown enemy who used her resources to find confidential information about the following heroes: Captain Atom, Starman, Big Barda, Booster Gold, Firestorm, Fire, Ice, Metamorpho, Starfire and Troia. The real Cat Grant is in another location, inside an underground cell who has some of the data that has been filtrated to Arcadia Radio.

Lord Martian Manhunter
Lord Flash
Lord Batman
The Atom
Power Girl
Booster Gold



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