Wonder Woman Equipment

Themyscira‘s artifacts and weapons are Wonder Woman’s Equipment but has also been used by other amazons like Queen Hippolyta, Artemis and Troia.

Unique Mystical Items:
BRACERS [BODY 30 (Hardened Defences), Note: can Block as a small shield (no penalty)]. For the last year of the run the BRACERS can occasionally discharge Zeus’s own lightning (Lightning: 25 or so) but this is not under Wonder Woman’s conscious control

Tiara [BODY 24 (Hardened Defences), EV 06 (12 w/STR when thrown, 23 w/STR when wielded), Sharpness (EV): 02, Can be thrown with Multi-Attack 1, Limitation: using Sharpness is only possible when employing Killing Combat]. Using the Tiara as a melee weapon is seldom feasible – the wielded EV (and attendant Sharpness) denotes the use of the tiara as a cutting device

Lasso of Truth

Other Equipment:

Amazon broadsword [BODY 20, EV 04, Sharpness (EV): 0 -

Bow & Arrows [Str:6, Body: 3, Range: 6, Amoo: 10, R#:5]

Worn only in times of war
GOLDEN EAGLE BATTLE ARMOR [BODY: 10, Skin Armor: 2, Sealed Systems: 12, Flight: 15]

Sword of Hephaestus

WAR SHIELD [BODY 26, EV 04 /wStr 6]

Special Equipment (also unique):
See also Invisible Plane used only by Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Equipment

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